The Team

Ian Duncan

If you were to plant a flower and name it Ian Duncan, it wouldn’t grow. Defiantly, that flower would die a natural death because he’s exactly the opposite of what a flower would be… Defiant. Ian is that type that cannot look at a flower, let alone look like. To call him controversial scarcely does justice to how he executes. Ian has earned the antipathy of humourless blokes (for lack of a stronger sane word). He dances with words, he plays with humour, he hits straight like a stray bullet (They always find someone). He is scotch boldly standing on a table full of wine glasses.

Irvin Jalang’o

Social climber, stuck in between two worlds; the bourgeois that is Nairobi’s pretentious middle class and the real miners in Nairobi’s East. His is evasive, funny, detailed memory that sometimes digs out archived throwbacks to put a smile on your face. He’ll make you laugh mostly… And once in a while may also make you think. He can’t be tough… He tries to look tough but it’s a flawed alter ego. His mantra is that you shouldn’t take life too seriously, because at the moment when you do, you miss out on the obvious. Funny is relative to him, you choose what to see.