I’m sure you’ve looked at a housefly in a matatu and wondered how it got there, or how it will get back home, or if it has a home. Maybe you always wonder why guards at a government building act like you’re carrying a bomb when all you want to do is take a selfie, or why that chic or dude you like so much is acting like you’re some ‘maji ya vyombo’. Well, that’s the story we tell. MisterLeft is a humour blog that was started in 2016, despite the idea being conceived in 2015. Two writers, Ian Duncan and Irvin Jalang’o decided to piece together their experiences into weekly posts. People liked it, and when people like it, you give them what they want. But also we just like telling stories. What does Mister-Left mean? We are not Mister right, but we cannot let ourselves be Mister Wrong… So we are MisterLeft.If you don’t like this meaning, delete the internet by clicking here.

Beyond humour, MisterLeft also specializes in content development, creative writing, public relations and advertising. If you have a company,  a product or maybe even yourself, and you want someone to tell your story, MisterLeft will. We are open to all advertising and writing inquiries

We aren’t selfish, and we like listening to other people’s humour, and publishing it when we like it. And where we can, we help you build your writing. Write to us. Tell your funny story by sending it to us via email

Call us (I know someone will send a message on WhatsApp instead. We reply to messages. We do not bluetick. I’m glad you understand the importance of this bracket)

Irvin on 0726642202

Ian on 0702274579

Lastly… We just love chapati. We believe Chapati should be a symbol of National Unity (Where have you seen a chapati battle… Where have you seen chapati and violence together). Invite us when you cook chapati.